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Cover Letters/Post Interview Letters

While your resume is an extremely important aspect in receiving a job interview, cover letters and post-interview letters play a vital role as well.

Why are cover letters important?

Cover letters give you a chance to highlight your attributes and explain why you are perfect for the job. In other words, cover letters, if written properly give the applicant a chance to bolster him/herself without being subject to the questioning that takes place during an actual interview.

Why are Post Interview Letters important?

Post Interview letters are extremely important for they show the employer that you are really interested in the position and have taken the time to write the letter addressing the vital issues of the interview.

Through years of experience, Atrium Learning has acquired extensive experience in guiding applicants in the right direction with respect to their cover letters as well as the post interview letters. We have discovered what it is the employers seek in each of the letters and have perfected the approach in writing them.



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