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Ultimate From Scratch Package

This is an extensive process between the student and the teacher. This package is great for someone who is not sure as to what his personal statement should be about. It includes a 10 step interactive process, where, by the end, the student receives a perfect personal statement accentuating the most important factors college admissions pay close attention to.


Rewrite Guarantee: This package comes with an unlimited rewrite guarantee. In other words, if, after extensive interview with the client and creation of the personal statement, the client is in any way unsatisfied with his/her personal statement, WE REWRITE IT FOR THEM with no questions asked.



  • Interactive session between the student and the teacher. This initial consultation allows the teacher to get to know the student and determine his/her major attributes and accomplishments.
  • Here, student is not obliged to do anything but to talk about him or herself.
  • While the student and the teacher are conversing the teacher takes notes, parts of which will later be used in the personal statement.


  • After the initial conversation, the teacher writes a relevant summary about the conversation and gives a choice of topics that the student may choose from to write in the personal statement. Once the student chooses the topic, the next meeting is scheduled.


  • In this meeting the teacher and the student work on the powerful beginning of the essay.
  • In fact, this is the most important part of the essay. The reader makes a mental determination of the personal statement quality in the first couple of sentences he or she reads.
  • Therefore, the most important portion of the entire personal statement writing process is Step 3. Much time should be dedicated to revise, review and word the beginning of the essay so that it captures the reader's attention.


  • Once the teacher and the student agree on the beginning, the teacher emails the student the context of what was discussed. At that time, the student reviews the essay.
  • The next meeting is scheduled.


  • This meeting is dedicated to discussing all the changes the student and the teacher believe are necessary.
  • The body of the Personal Statement discussed in detail.
  • While the beginning is the most important part of the personal statement, the body of the essay must complement the beginning.


  • Once the student and the teacher agree on the context of the body, the teacher then sends the student a summary and a proposed approach to the body of the essay.
  • The student then takes time to review this approach and prepares comments and/or questions regarding the essay for the next session.


  • This meeting is dedicated to carefully listening to the student's proposals regarding the body of the personal statement.
  • Conclusion of the essay is discussed in detail.


  • A proposed approach and a summary of the conclusion in addition to the entire essay, is mailed to the student, which he looks over.


  • This session is dedicated to making all the little corrections after the essay has been finished. The teacher proposes to change the little mistakes over the phone.


  • Shortly after the conversation in Step 9, the teacher emails the complete personal statement to the student.

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