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Personal Statements

1. What is your full name:

2. Where were you born? If another country, how old were you when you came to America?

3. Was there anything that happened in your childhood that contributed to choosing the college or profession?

4. Have you had to overcome any hardships in your life?

5. What personal characteristics do you possess that would enhance your prospects for success in residency program? (ie determination, will to succeed, tremendous work ethic, etc.)

6. Why might you be a stronger candidate for residency program than other applicants?

7. What are the reasons you can give for the residency admissions committee to be interested in you?

8. Was there a person that inspired you to pursue your field?

9. Describe all the professional experiences you have had. This includes internships, paid positions and volunteer positions.

10. Have you done rotations that relate to the residency field you are applying to? (For Example: If you are applying to Anesthesiology residency, have you done anesthesiology rotations during medical school?). If so, what did you learn from those rotations?

11. What residency program are you applying to? (ie Internal Medicine, Surgery, Anesthesia)

12. What attracts you to this particular residency program? (ie staff; ability to do research, etc.)

13. What type of fellowship will you pursue once you finish your program?

14. What is your ultimate goal once you finish residency and fellowship programs?

15. Have you done any research during medical school? If yes, what kind of research have you done?

16. What did you learn from the research that you have done during medical school?

17. Do you know of any professors at the school that specialize in your interested area? (Don't worry if you don't, we will do the research for you if necessary)

18. What is your phone number?

19. What is your email address?


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