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"My experience with Atrium learning has been amazing. I always believed that i could write a good personal statement myself but somehow the touch up the people at atrium learning gave to my personal statement was wonderful. i successfully matched into the geriatric program of my choice. At my interviews they did mention good things about my personal statement and asked me relevant questions. I would definitely recommend them for those who have difficulty writing one and also to those who can write a good one but where there is more scope for improvement. Their hospitality and goodwill has motivated me to recommend them to my friends. Thanks to you guys once again."

"I can't believe how much time the professor actually spent with me!!! He helped me through every step of the way! My Personal Statement was the best essay I have ever written."

"My entire life I had a dream of attending UCLA. Unfortunately, my SAT score was below the average and my GPA was not great. I am sure my unique and touching personal statement had a lot to do with my being accepted to UCLA. Thank you!"

"At first I went with another company (who shall remain nameless), their impersonal approach and uncaring tutors did not help me a bit. Atrium Learning was completely the opposite. The tutor guided me through every little step in my Personal Statement. He showed me how to approach an essay, what steps I should take and was available literally 24 hours per day."

"Excellent service. Thank you!"

"I was able to call any time and seek help with my personal statement even after I the tutoring session was over."

"I knew that my GPA and SAT scores were not high enough get in USC. I needed a strong personal statement, and that is exactly what I received. I am attending USC next fall. Thanks Atrium Learning!"

"I sought a good advice about my personal statement. The tutor explained to me the difference between a weak essay and a strong one. He pointed out all of my mistakes and was always available to answer my calls. Thank you!!"

"When they say 24-hour help, they mean it. One day before all the applications were due, I called Atrium Learning at two in the morning and was able to get excellent help. Thanks a lot!!!"

"Wow! So much help, in so little time. I don't know of any other company out there that spends so much time on the personal statement."

"I called two different companies before calling Atrium Learning. Nobody treated me with more care and intelligence than Atrium Learning. I was able to start and finish my personal statement in 2 days. I am attending Harvard next fall. Thanks Atrium Learning!!!!!!"

"I contacted many companies and none of them could help me with my Personal Statement in 2 days. When I contacted Atrium Learning I was very surprised to hear that a professor would dedicate his entire time to my essay and at almost no extra cost! Thanks Atrium Learning!!!"

"I only had 2 days left before the college application had to be submitted. I was assigned a professor who dedicated all of his time to me. He dedicated his entire time to helping me and suggesting great approaches to my essay. I was recently admitted to UCLA!!! Thank you so much."


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