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As competitive as Residency match was, Fellowship programs are even more competitive. Some Fellowship programs only have two spots open for fifty applicants. Therefore, it is nothing short of vital that applicants statements make a powerful and unforgettable impact on the admissions committee. Due to the immense quantity of experience one acquires throughout his/her medical career, it is important to know what to include in your Fellowship personal statement in order to keep the reader intrigued. Atrium Learning has extensive experience in assisting students with their Fellowship personal statements. Our unlimited revision guarantee and client’s ability to have unlimited interaction with an expert have proven to work time and time again.


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Seven Day Special Package - $199
All you have to do is submit your personal information and fill out a questionnaire. You will have your personal statement within 7 days.
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From Scratch Package (most popular) - $249
This is an extensive process between the student and the teacher. This package is great for someone who is not sure as to what his personal statement should be about. It includes a 8 step interactive process , where, by the end, the student receives a perfect personal statement accentuating the most important factors college admissions pay close attention to.
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Rough Draft To Finish Package - $139
This package is perfect for those who already have a rough draft of the personal statement and have the structure of the essay mind. Specifically, if a person seeks great advice on content, context, uniqueness, cohesiveness by our experienced editors this is the package for you.
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No Time No Worries Package - $449
Sometimes, students wait until very little (sometimes even 1) days are left before the college application must be submitted. We understand that. We know that a great personal statement can be written even when there is only 1 or 2 days left. This package is perfect for those who seek to receive experienced and thorough help, but do not have a lot of time. Once the student picks this package, a private tutor is assigned to the student.
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Pure Editing Package - $49
If you believe you are finished with your essay and would like one of our editors to review your personal statement for grammatical corrections, this is the perfect package for you.
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Get Started Package - $85
Having problem getting started? Have too many ideas but don't know how to put them together. Put one of our expert writers and advisors to work for you. By choosing this package, you receive excellent help from the people who have been specializing in personal statement writing for over twenty years. And, unlike other companies, this package allows you to have unlimited interaction between the advisor and the client.
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Addendum/Optional Letter Package - $119
If the university you are applying to requires you to submit an Addendum or an Optional Letter in addition to your personal statement, this is the package for you. You and the expert will have unlimited interaction until your Addendum or Optional Letter is completely perfected.
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