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Whether you are a professional, or only beginning your career, in graduate school or still attending an undergraduate institution, Atrium Learning has experts specializing in resumes for more than 20 years that can construct your resume from scratch. Every one of our packages comes with unlimited expert interaction that is ready to assist you in creating, editing and reconstructing your resume.


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From Scratch Package - $149
Atrium Learning has extensive experience in creating resumes from scratch. Our process in creating a resume has been proven to work every time.
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From Rough Draft to Finish - $79
Let our experts tell you exactly what you need to add, delete and change about your resume. We use our expertise, experience and knowledge to create a one of a kind resume guaranteed to make an impression on the admission committee and your future employers.
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Get Started! - $79
Having problem getting started? Have too much experience but don't know how to put all of it in a resume? Have one of our Expert Resume Writers help you get on your way.
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Cover Letters/Post Interview Letters - $79
While your resume is an extremely important aspect in receiving a job interview, cover letters and post-interview letters play a vital role as well.
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Ultimate From Scratch Package - $299
This is an extensive process between the student and the teacher. This package is great for someone who is not sure as to what his personal statement should be about. It includes a 10 step interactive process , where, by the end, the student receives a perfect personal statement accentuating the most important factors college admissions pay close attention to.
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Recommendation Letter Assistance - $99
Atrium Learning offers extensive assistance with drafting Recommendation Letters. Whether you are uncertain as to what to include in the recommendation letter, or you have a lot to say, but don't how to say it, this package is perfect for you.
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