So you've taken your GRE's and you obviously have your GPA from an Undergraduate Institution. Now What? You must write an essay about

?!!. Questions arise! For Example: Can I bolster my own achievements? I have so much information, but I don't know where to insert it? What if I had something traumatic happen to me that inspired me to pursue a certain career, should I include that in my Personal Statement? What if I had a family member who attended the same university that I would love to attend, should I mention that person in the essay? While there is a very wide arena of questions one may have about his/her personal statement, Atrium Learning has the answers to the utmost unusual and seemingly irrelevant questions a person may have. Due to the increasing number of graduate school applicants over the last number of years your personal statement can make a gigantic difference between getting accepted and being denied admission. Your Personal Statement should contain your background and why you are interested in pursuing a particular career. Furthermore, one must discuss his/her volunteer as well as professional experience in addition to the educational accomplishments. By conversing with numerous graduate schools, starting from Psychology (both Masters and PhD programs) and ending with International Affairs, Atrium Learning has acquired extensive knowledge as to the level of specificity and succinctness your personal statement must have.


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Seven Day Special Package - $199

All you have to do is submit your personal information and fill out a questionnaire. You will have your personal statement within 7 days.

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Rough Draft To Finish Package - $149

This package is perfect for those who already have a rough draft of the personal statement and have the structure of the essay mind. Specifically, if a person seeks great advice on content, context, uniqueness, cohesiveness by our experienced editors this is the package for you.

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No Time No Worries Package - $299

Sometimes, students wait until very little (sometimes even 1) days are left before the college application must be submitted. We understand that. We know that a great personal statement can be written even when there is only 1 or 2 days left. This package is perfect for those who seek to receive experienced and thorough help, but do not have a lot of time. Once the student picks this package, a private tutor is assigned to the student.

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