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The information acquired from the student during the tutoring process will only be used for the purposes of teaching and writing his or her personal statement. For example, if a student tells Atrium Learning about a traumatic experience which he wants to include in his/her personal statement, it will only be used for the purposes of writing the personal statement. That information will not be made available to anyone else but the teacher, student and the people in charge of college admissions.

Atrium Learning only provides suggested approaches to how a personal statement should be written taken account of his or her information. Please do not use the statements provided by the company as the statements that you actually submit.

Please note that the personal statement packages are only meant for personal statements which are 600-900 words in length. If your personal statement is needed to be longer, please call us for a quote.

General information:

All time frames that are listed will greatly depend on the customer's responses. If you are delayed in responding to the emails, the personal statement will not be completed in the time frame promised, as we cannot draft the personal statement without the approval of the outline from the customer. If any changes are required, this will take extra time to complete in addition to the time frames listed.

Once the outline is approved, no new or additional information can be added. All changes and additions need to be made before approving the outline

If the school you are applying to requires a specific prompt to be answered, please be sure to provide the prompt to us. If the prompt is not provided to us, a general personal statement will be written and changes will not be allowed, once it is completed.

The time frame allowed to submit any revisions or changes is 30 days from the day the customer recieves personal statement.

A general personal statement is 1-2 pages and approximately 500-750 words. If a longer personal statement is needed, please email us for a quote.

Before emailing us with changes/revisions please be sure to point out exactly the changes that you would like to be made to the personal statement, so the writer can know exactly what your concerns are.

Gathering the information:

Information for this site may be gathered in a number of different ways. It can be gathered by email interaction, by direct conversation between the professor and the student and by the information the student submits prior to obtaining the services.

Once again, rest assured that all information gathered from the student will stay absolutely confidential.


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